When To Replace The AC Unit?

When To Replace The AC Unit?

While air conditioners are designed to last a long time, they are not meant to last forever. They, like any other appliance, must be replaced. HVAC units lose efficiency as they age. This can result in frequent breakdowns, costly service visits, or the purchase of an expensive replacement. There are multiple factors such as the unit’s age, performance, efficiency, and incorrect AC installation in Toronto to consider before repairing or replacing an air conditioner. 

Signs That One Should Replace The Air Conditioner

Unusual Odors

Most loud AC complaints are simply maintenance issues that can be quickly resolved. If the lifespan of your air conditioner has exceeded the average of 15 years, the problem may be too severe for repair, and an AC replacement in Toronto may be preferable. One of the most common causes of a loud AC is a blockage caused by dust and debris.

Frequent Repairs

If you have to call a technician for AC repairs all the time, it’s time for a new AC. If the cost of repairs is around half the price of a new system, getting a new one is the best option.

Increased Energy Costs

If a large portion of your energy expenses is spent on cooling due to an inefficient AC system, a home energy audit will assist you in making this decision. This test will determine whether air leaks or the old AC causes the problem. If the air conditioner is the culprit, invest in a new system with the Energy Star label for maximum efficiency.

The Air Conditioner Does Not Cool Evenly, and The Air Feels Humid.

Uneven temperatures do not always imply that an air conditioner is inefficient. If you have a newer model, the issue may be that it is too small for your home. The airflow may be obstructed, but it may be time for AC replacement in Toronto if the system was recently repaired.

Dust in the Home

The source of the problem could be duct system leaks. If your AC ducts have begun to leak, your system will be less efficient because it will have to work harder to maintain coolness. This is one of the most significant reasons for rising energy bills and an indication of a severe problem. A technician may be able to assist you in determining whether you only require a minor repair or a replacement.

How Long Does One Intend To Stay In Their Current Residence?

Even if you have an older unit, replacing it may not be a good investment unless there has been a significant failure or repairs are prohibitively expensive. However, if the AC unit is old or has not been well-maintained when you come to sell, a buyer may request a price reduction on the home.

Aesthetic Considerations

If you’re redecorating your home, you may have decided that an old, rusted-looking unit is too much of an eyesore to keep, regardless of how well it operates.

If you were concerned that your air conditioner is failing or want to upgrade, now you know several compelling reasons to consider replacing it. If you are looking for AC installation in Toronto, contact Supreme Home Comfort at 647-613-5689 for a free consultation if you require an estimate or have additional questions about your system.