What Are The Symptoms Of A Failing Capacitor On Your AC Unit?

What Are The Symptoms Of A Failing Capacitor On Your AC Unit?

Many air conditioning problems can be resolved easily without any professional assistance. But when it comes to a bad or failing AC capacitor, you will need professional help. When your air conditioner stops working, several reasons and failed components are to blame. So, whenever you encounter any problem with your unit, it would be better to call a professional and get the best services like AC Repair in Toronto.

When your air conditioner is not working as it is supposed to, a failed capacitor is behind it. How do you identify this issue? Please read the following list to ensure that it is the capacitor and not other components.

Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

If your AC fails to provide cold air in your home, then it is the first sign indicating something wrong with its capacitor. You can try turning your AC off and on again. But if the problem continues, calling a professional to inspect and examine the capacitor would be the only solution to this problem.

Rising Energy Bills

Suppose you notice that your energy bills are rising significantly, even after taking every possible step to save energy. Your failing AC capacitor might be the problem. A failing capacitor will make your AC work harder to perform its job. And will consume more power than usual which will ultimately result in high energy bills.

Humming Noises

Suppose you wonder how to determine the condition of your air conditioner’s capacitor. You can do it by listening to your unit when you turn it on. If you hear a humming noise coming from your AC, you may have a failing capacitor.

Old Age

An old-aged HVAC system is prone to many problems. And will eventually stop working one day suddenly for one reason or another. So if your unit is years old and sometimes refuses to turn on, then maybe it is time to replace the capacitor.

Your AC Turns Off On Its Own

As per the experts, today, most AC units automatically turn off if it detects any component problem. So, if you notice that your air conditioner turns off itself frequently, this could indicate a problem with the capacitor. And to find and solve the problem, you will need professional help.

The AC Does Not Turn On Immediately

Suppose your air conditioner takes a while to start itself, even after you have turned it on. Then this is a warning sign of a failing AC capacitor. And you will need to replace your capacitor to solve the problem.

Your AC Doesn’t Turn On At All

Suppose your air conditioning unit doesn’t start at all. Then it might be because of the failing capacitor. The motor of your AC unit will not receive any power if your capacitor has failed. You will have to contact a professional to replace the capacitor and make it work again. And you will have to pay a significant amount for such a replacement.

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