Quick Tips If Your Furnace Shuts Down

Quick Tips If Your Furnace Shuts Down

When the weather is cold, it might be frustrating to learn that your furnace isn’t turning on to warm your home. Fortunately, identifying common furnace problems can save time and energy, and knowing when to call furnace repair in Toronto for help. Check out this guideline to understand what to do if your furnace won’t start.

Quick Tips If your Furnace Shuts Down

  • Check Thermostats

The thermostat, which serves as the control panel for your heating system, is the cause of many furnace malfunctions. Thermostats with programmable settings can be challenging and complex. Before assuming the furnace is the issue, it’s worth checking if your thermostat is adjusted correctly. Check that your thermostat is set to heat mode rather than cool mode.

Then raise the temperature by 5 degrees to check if the furnace turns on. It can be as simple as the thermostat batteries if something isn’t operating correctly. The display will turn blank when the batteries run out, and the thermostat will no longer be able to control your heating and cooling system. In many cases, changing the batteries will restore the thermostat’s correct operation, as well as that of your furnace.

  • Check that your Furnace has Power

After checking the thermostat, if your furnace is still having issues, it may not be receiving electricity. The blower in your heating system needs the power to draw in cold air and blow out warm air, regardless of whether your furnace burns gas, oil, or both.

Another component of your furnace that can require electricity is the igniting system. Look for any tripped breakers in the circuit breaker panel of your home. Your furnace’s breaker may be marked furnace or heater. Put the switch back in the on position and turn the furnace on again.

  • Replace your Air Filter

One of the main reasons for furnace issues is dirty and clogged filters. Clogged filters with dust and dirt might cause the heat exchanger to overheat and shut off. Additionally, this results in soot accumulation on the heat exchanger, which reduces the efficiency of your furnace.

If your furnace isn’t operating, the next step is to replace the filter. To find out the location of your filter and how to replace it, consult your owner’s manual.

  • Check Pilot Light

The pilot light is one of the most common causes of furnace problems. If your pilot light has gone out, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to relight it. If it continues to go out regularly, your system may have a problem, and you should contact a professional. Also, before calling a professional, ensure that the gas line valve is fully open.


The most effective way to keep your furnace efficient and dependable is to have it serviced before you need it. Make an appointment to have your furnace inspected by a professional before the cold weather arrives. Scheduling regular furnace service in Toronto can save you time, frustration, and money.

If you’ve tried everything and your furnace still won’t start, call a Supreme Home Comfort licensed technician to inspect it. Our skilled technicians can identify and repair your furnace.