In The Summer, How Many Hours Should The AC Run?

In The Summer, How Many Hours Should The AC Run?

Your air conditioner is a necessary household object, especially during the hot summer months. However, many property owners worry, “How many hours should your air conditioner operate per day?” 

How Many Hours A Day Should Your Air Conditioner Run In Summer?

The AC unit must run continuously to keep your home or commercial space at a reasonable temperature during the day and night. It is usual for an AC to run for several hours every day.

However, there is a distinction between leaving your air conditioner on all day and the compressor running all day. When the temperature in your area reaches the correct level, your AC system, or more precisely, the compressor, should turn off automatically.

The Following Factors Influence How Long Your Air Conditioner Runs:

The Outside Temperature

The longer your air conditioner operates to attain your target temperature, the hotter it gets. You shouldn’t be concerned if your air conditioner runs more frequently on scorching days. 

AC Condition

An air conditioner should operate for approximately fifteen minutes; if your air conditioner runs all day, especially on hot days, it’s time for AC repair in Toronto. An annual tune-up is suggested to keep your air conditioner in good condition. 

The Size Of Your House

A big house will take more time to cool, especially if the air conditioner unit is not according to home size. An HVAC professional for AC repair in Toronto can advise you on the best size for an efficient ac system. 

Thermostat Settings

The lower one sets the thermostat, the longer the air conditioner will have to work to reach it. Even a couple of degrees decreases the operating time of your air conditioner and saves you some money on your electricity bill.

AC Sizes

An oversized air conditioner will reduce your run time to less than ten minutes.Anything more than 20 minutes with little to no temperature change indicates that your AC isn’t the right size. Because it is not the proper size, your AC unit will have a shorter lifespan and require an HVAC contractor in Toronto more regularly.

Clogged Evaporator Coils

If your air conditioner’s filter was blocked and dusty, your evaporator coils could also be. When your coils are covered with dust and debris, the air that blows over them does not cool them sufficiently during its typical cycle.

Leaking AC

If you see ice or a puddle under your air conditioner, or if it is hissing or bubbling at you, you most likely have a refrigerant leak. Your air conditioning machine should never run out of refrigerant. 

Quality Of Insulation

Insulation is responsible for keeping the air in your home warm and cool in the summer. An insulation lack means that much of the air you pay to cool is escaping out.

Blocked Airflow

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