AC Installation in Toronto, ON

After a hot summer day in Toronto, nothing beats returning home to the comfort of your own home, especially if you have a high-efficiency air conditioner installed. The expert Supreme Home Comfort staff can assist you in selecting the best HVAC equipment for your home’s demands and budget.

We understand the need to quickly remove the old air conditioner and replace it with a new one. Our qualified HVAC technicians apply the necessary skills, expertise, and tools to ensure a quick and efficient installation so you can enjoy a pleasant indoor environment.

Why Should You Pick us Over the Competitors in the Market?

Some factors set us apart from other AC installation services in Toronto, Ontario. Our dedicated specialists collaborate to provide the best residential and business AC repair services. We choose the craftsmen with care and train them to be among the finest in their field. We do comprehensive background checks, ongoing safety training, and drug testing on all of our employees, and we only hire people we would welcome into our own homes.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing excellent quality and world-class service to our customers while keeping our costs cheap!

Here Are Four Reasons Why We Should Be Your First Choice

Apart from the fact that we have earned a well-deserved reputation as the finest in the business, here are a few more reasons to choose Supreme Home Comfort for all of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs.

Customer Contentment Takes Precedence Over Revenue at our Company

Many of our competitors’ technicians are paid on a commission basis, did you know? They’re seeking something to sell you every time they visit your home or place of business. However, with Supreme Home Comfort, that’s not the case.

Our experts are purely concerned with your enjoyment, not with selling you many things you don’t need to earn a large fee! Our team understands the trust our clients have in us and is committed to maintaining that trust.

The Business is Locally Owned and Run

We live, work, and engage in the same area as you, and we’re devoted to making it a great place to live. Consequently, we’ll always be close in case you require assistance.

Costs that you can Rely On

Our expert technicians use cutting-edge technology to diagnose and repair obsolete systems, always using the best quality new components and materials. We provide a service price chart that details the installation cost, so you know exactly how much it will cost before we begin.

How many companies are willing to share their pricing information with you?

Punctuality and Professionalism

We take full consideration of your time and are aware of how important it is to you. Our experts will arrive on time and do the work efficiently, allowing you to return to your busy day.

Supreme Home Comfort is recognized for its extensive warranties and trustworthy product lines in the HVAC industry. When investing in our goods, you can expect high efficiency, longevity, sustainability, and exceptional air quality. Call us at (647) 613-5689 for the finest service.

Before getting an AC installation in Toronto, you should ask these important questions:

  • What system capacity or size is required to cool my home effectively?
  • Will you give me a written estimate that includes all the conditions we discuss?
  • Does the new system use little energy? What is the SEER rating?
  • Does the installation of a new system qualify for any tax credits or rebates?
  • Do you coordinate all required permissions and approvals with the local government?
  • What kind of installation guarantee does your business offer?

The safety precautions when installing an air conditioner are:

  • Ensure that nothing containing combustible gasses is positioned close to your air conditioner.
  • A leakage breaker for the earth is necessary to prevent electric shocks.
  • You should not connect earth cables to telephone, gas, or water earth wires.
  • Make sure the drain hose pipe is completely dry.

Be careful to keep the thermostat away from windows and doors and harsh sunlight. Wind drafts may cause your air conditioner to overheat or undercool the room. According to experts of AC repair in Toronto, you should place the AC in a spot that receives little direct sunshine and is somewhat shaded.

If the humidity level is high, it will feel warmer than it is. Therefore, you may want to decrease the thermostat set to cool your house further. However, by switching to a dehumidification setting, you’ll be able to raise your thermostat’s temperature and save money on energy costs.

Importance of regular maintenance:

  • A dirty, dusty, and clogged air conditioner can cause several health problems.
  • You can guarantee that the air filters and unit are clean by servicing your AC regularly.
  • Long-term, it will also lengthen the units’ useful lives.
  • Regular maintenance is essential if you want to avoid major breakdowns.
  • Unregular maintenance on a unit can result in frequent AC repairs in Toronto.
  • Your appliance will survive longer if it receives regular maintenance.
  • Your air conditioner will release HFCs, or artificial greenhouse gasses, when it encounters issues like refrigerant leakage, contributing to global warming.
  • A foul smell is frequently the result of dirt, bacteria, and mold growing inside your unit. It is prevented by routine maintenance.

Your air conditioning unit could freeze for the following reasons:

  • Poor airflow: Insufficient ventilation is one of the leading causes of a frozen air conditioning system.
  • Dirty air filter: If you don’t change or clean your air filter, it could get blocked or dirty and disrupt the airflow.
  • Low refrigerant levels: Ice might accumulate on your air conditioning system if your system has low refrigerant levels or is leaking refrigerant.
  • Blower fan issue: According to AC installation in Toronto experts, a faulty blower fan may cause inadequate airflow and freeze the coil.
  • Condensate drain line clog: If there is a blockage in your condensate drain line, the surplus water from the moisture in the air may start to overflow the drip tray.