6 Ways to Improve Furnace Efficiency

6 Ways to Improve Furnace Efficiency

Saving money might not be simple when temperatures fall below freezing, and you need your heating system to keep you warm. Furnace service experts in Toronto say that your HVAC system accounts for approximately 40% of the energy used in your home, and it isn’t possible to cut it off to conserve energy and improve efficiency.

Tips To Increase The Efficiency Of Furnaces

Here are some suggestions to improve the efficiency of your furnace and save money.

  • Check Your Home For Air Leaks

Contact our experienced specialists in furnace repair in Toronto to check your property for any air leaks. The inspection will include looking at your ducts, doorways, and windows to see if there are leaks.

Our technicians from the service department can examine your attic and walls, fixing any leaks that may be present to keep warmth inside the house and frigid air outside. The sealing of air leaks is vital for reducing the loss of energy. If you do this, you’ll lower your heating bills.

  • Set Your Thermostat To An Established Schedule

Your home likely doesn’t need to keep its temperature so high when all your children are at school or work. Program the thermostat so that it will change to a lower setting during working hours and then automatically increase the temperature when you plan to return home.

  • Regularly Replace The Air Filter

The easiest and most effective method to increase the effectiveness of your furnace would be to change your air filter. A filter must be changed every two months.

Even filters that appear extremely dirty in the eyes of the untrained eye may contain enough dirt and particles that can significantly impact your heating system’s effectiveness. If you are a pet owner or suffer from allergies, you might need to do this more frequently.

  • Keep A Good Humidity Level

The air we breathe in our homes is extremely dry in winter. It’s not just dry on throats and skin, but it also makes people feel colder than they are. Our furnace service professionals in Toronto advise raising the humidity in the house. It is possible to lower the setting on the thermostat but not be aware of it. Higher humidity benefits furniture and wood floors and helps stop allergic attacks and asthma.

  • Use Curtains To Save Energy

By strategically using your curtains, you can bring about a significant reduction in your monthly energy bills. If you shut them down at night, you stop heat loss to the cold outdoors. The opening of the windows during the daytime on windows facing west or south lets warm sunlight pass through and warm the interior of your home.

  • Perform An Annual Tune-Up

The efficiency of your furnace decreases each year; however, a regular tune-up will considerably slow down this process. Our skilled technician will check the furnace, clean and disinfect components to ensure they function properly and look for any minor repairs needed to ensure that your furnace is operating as smoothly as possible.

To summarize,

If you find that your heating system is unable to meet your household’s demands, or if your expenses for energy are so expensive that you’re afraid to turn on your furnace in the winter months, then it might be time to consider a replacement. Contact Supreme Home Comfort at 647-613-5689 for trustworthy and professional furnace repair in Toronto.