3 Signs Your Furnace Has a Faulty Gas Valve

3 Signs Your Furnace Has a Faulty Gas Valve

Gas valves are devices that HVAC installers and manufacturers install to ensure security and safety for commercial and residential situations. If the gas valve becomes defective, it can let gas leak out into the surroundings and require emergency furnace repair in Toronto.

Signs That The Furnace Gas Valve Isn't Working Correctly:

  • No Heat
    A malfunctioning gas valve in your furnace could hinder your furnace’s ability to complete the combustion process. If the valve isn’t permitting enough gas to go into the chamber of combustion, the furnace will be unable to transfer heat from your heat exchanger through the air handler and into your home. This will result in the cool air blowing through the vents.
  • Constantly Cycling Furnace
    A lack of gas flow from the valve could cause your furnace to remain running for an extended duration. If there isn’t enough gas to support burning, your furnace will not produce enough heat. The thermostat will keep communicating with the furnace to keep it on.

    In the end, this can cause the motor in the blower to overheat. If your furnace won’t shut off and it’s blowing warm air, you should switch it off and call us for expert HVAC repairs.

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    A gas valve not functioning correctly in the furnace could cause gas leaks within your home. The gas can build up and then discharge from a different location than the sealed combustion chamber. If too much gas is released from the valve, the excess could escape into the combustion chamber.

    It can get mixed with the indoor air and hinder the process of combustion. The carbon monoxide alarm in your home might be triggered. This is an emergency and requires urgent repairs.

    Gas valves not working correctly are one of the leading causes of HVAC experts being sought to perform professional repairs on furnaces. If the gas valve in your furnace requires replacement, hiring a furnace service expert in Toronto to handle the job is the most effective option. Call Supreme Home Comfort at 647-613-5689 for more information.